All these years, you have been smoking traditional cigarettes and you know that they are dangerous. Now, you have realized that it is high time you change your habits. Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health and it can reduce your life span by almost a year (depending on how much you smoke). However, you’ve been convinced to start using e cigs and you are willing to start. As a newbie, you are not really aware of how to use these mechanical contraptions and you need to help. Not to worry though, we’ve created the perfect guide to electronic cigarettes that will definitely help you out.

Start with the lowest nicotine strength possible in your eletronic cigarettes — The vape process is completely different from traditional smoking. Traditional cigarette smoke contains more than 6000 different products along with tiny amounts of nicotine. Your lungs actually have to filter through the smoke and vaporized chemicals to pull in the nicotine. However, an electronic unit contains only liquid nicotine in a flavored water-based carrier. As a result, when the liquid vaporizes, water vapor is pulled into the lungs in the form of a humid cloud. Your lungs get a concentrated hit of nicotine and it does take a little time to get used to the experience. As a result, almost all new e cig users are advised to use the lowest concentration of nicotine liquid.

Start with newbie kits — As you can see, the electronic smoking experience is not the same as a traditional smoking process. On top of that, every company manufactures their own brands, products and liquids. The taste, odor and smoking experience of each company is different and new smokers might not like every kit. As a result, they are advised to start with simple starter sets that are cheap but disposable. You can pick a particular brand and kit, try it out and dispose it off in case you do not like the experience. Some companies also provide free disposable e-cig kits to be used just once.

Buy from specialist websites — Chinese manufacturers are the primary companies on the market but we recommend you stick to local US companies. Chinese brands and kits are great but they do not make local flavors that will appeal to US smokers. As a result, we recommend you stick to US companies and brands and make sure you buy from a reputable website. For example, we stock local brands from US retailers and we make sure that the products are trustworthy. All you have to do is get in touch with our 24-7 customer service section and we will recommend the right kit and vape liquid for your needs.

Automated vs. manual units — Automated e cigarette units are the best as all you have to do is smoke in and smoke out. However, manual units are easy to use as well as they have a button on the side of the unit. The smoking experience varies in an automated unit and a manual unit as well. Automated units are ready to use as soon as you attach the battery but button units require you to press down before you inhale and stop pressing down just before you complete your inhalation.

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